Tomb Raider graphics problem with HD 7850 and FRAPS ???


First of all here are my specs:
HD 7850 2GB
8gb DDR3

Ok so then...
I ran Tomb Raider for the first time on my computer, and the game played quite well.
I ran it in high settings (in 1920x1080 resolution), and everything was good.
I even tried ultra, which wasn't too bad but the game started to get laggy a bit.

Anyway, then I closed the game.
To check my fps in-game, I then downloaded FRAPS (free).
I didn't change any of the fraps setting, and I started the game.

And then PROBLEM started to happen.
Right away, even on the main screen I noticed a lot of lagging. (FPS was like 12 or something).
And when I loaded my game (in the high settings), there was sooo much lag (15fps)
It wasn't like that before!

While keeping Fraps running, I even tried a lower resolution (720p) and even normal quality settings, and there still was a good bit of lag!

I thought FRAPS was causing this, so I shut it off... even without FRAPS running, there still was this lag!

Tomb Raider ran great on my first try. But on my second, ever since I ran FRAPS, with or without it, there is sooo much lag now.

Why is this happening?
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    this is gonna sound bad but turn off the computer and restart
  2. coolcole01 said:
    this is gonna sound bad but turn off the computer and restart

    Yup it does sound pretty bad.
    I ended up first deleting the Tomb Raider save game/settings, and then restarted the PC.

    This time around, I started TR alone, and the game worked great in high settings. Then while the game was running, I started Fraps too, and no problem occurred. (FPS was a solid 60 in high and a 57 in ultra).

    I guess FRAPS just needed a fresh reboot. lol
    My bad. I apologize for the pre-mature reaction.
  3. glad to hear it
  4. thanks
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