Looking for a compact USB 3.0 Sata/Ide Enclosure

I'll start by saying I fix a lot of computers for friends and family, and in the many cases where the computer is too old, slow, or so virus infected that I can't access the drive from the computer itself, so I have to open up my computer plug in the drive manually, then get the important files, the worst is when its an old IDE drive and I have to use an ancient computer that I somehow got to run windows 7 and do the same manual process to get the files. What I would really like is a simple USB 3 solution that supports 3.5 and 2.5 drives with both sata and IDE interfaces. This would make hot swapping and wiping drives so much easier. But after searching around all the sata/ide solutions I found were too big, only 2.5 or only 3.5 compatible, weren't usb 3.0, or didn't look hot swap friendly, also it doesn't matter if its externally powered. So If anyone can suggest a good product for my needs I would greatly appreciate it!
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    Might you be looking for something like this - ?
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