What If: You boot a system to POST/BIOS without a CPU cooler period?

This is a hypothetical question here.

I have an AMD FX-9590, and I want to know theoretically, how long would I be able to safely run the PC (without a full boot but only to the POST screen) to verify the MOBO is functioning. I have everything that I need set up and ready, I just don't have my CPU cooler yet, and I was wondering IF (IF) you even could do it, or would the CPU melt after 2.1 seconds into a pile of liquid mulch without a cooler on it.

What homemade alternatives would there be to a 5-10 second boot to safely control a CPU? For instance, would traditional fans work if all the PC would be turned on for no longer than 10 seconds?
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  1. Fill a glass whiskey tumbler with ice and put a small amount of water in the bottom, place that on the CPU with a small patch of wet (just damp not soaking) kleenex between the two. If the motherboard is laying flat the glass should soak enough heat to allow you to do some quick testing.

    I in no way condone this experiment though. Just saying that, if I HAD to run a cpu without a cooler for a little while, this is how I would try it.
  2. No, dont try to boot without s cooler. It wont melt into a puddle, but it can get hot enough in a few seconds to damage it.
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    If all you are doing is posting and getting into the bios, you have at least a minute. Posting and entering the bios does not tax the CPU much.

    Motherboards have temperature warning and shutdown thresholds to prevent damage form overheating CPU's.

    That being said, I would not do this period.
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