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Hi, I have a home built PC about a couple years old. I run on an Asus M5-A88 EVO Mobo, an AMD FX-8350 CPU, Radeon HD 7850 Graphics card, 16GB GSKILL Ripjaw series gaming ram, and a 700 Watt PSU. Everything runs cool, but most games seem to run at a lower FPS that I would think. I struggle to run Dead Island at any setting, LoL sits around the 80's but when in team fights can be closer to 40's, WoW goes between 70s, to 20s just depending on where, and other games will just run choppy. Could my build be getting old? Or could something be throttling my FPS? all my temps are very cool as well. Thanks for any help!

Or.... should I just break down and go Intel and Nvidia on my next build? :'(
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  1. What are your CPU and GPU load temps? It is very possible you are overheating.

    The 7850 is not a high end card by today's standards, but it should easily handle WOW and Dead island at at least medium settings.
  2. CPUID reads my CPU temp at 36-40 celcius, and my GPU at about 40 celcius. And the PSU is this . It was on sale really cheap when I was on a budget... I've thought that sometimes it could be causing the issue, but wasn't sure if that could throttle my build or not.
  3. what is your psu model?
    700W capacity is uncommon for high quality psu
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    read this PSU reference

    yes, your PC suffered performance throttling because of not enough power to feed

    i recommend getting this one :
  5. Thank you so much!!! Very very helpful! Now to save my pennies haha
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