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Hello, I have a few questions to ask about this subject. Due to myself being a twitch streamer at www.twitch.tv/theefrenzy I play video games and constantly get ddos throughout the day. I am looking to get a VPN Router as I heard these prevent people from getting my IP and thus saving myself from getting knocked offline.

1: Can someone list some VPN Routers (price doesn't matter)
2: Will the VPN slow my internet connection down?
3: How much will my internet be effected
4: I am playing from xbox 360 so I really only need the xbox 360 to be covered by the VPN not my whole network (although if it doesn't effect my internet speeds I don't see why I wouldn't have my whole network secure)
5: If anyone has any experience they can share with me about VPN routers please tell me. I have never spoken to anyone who has used a VPN router before all I know is that they exist.
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  1. do you understand what a VPN Is - and does...???

  2. I think what you are talking about are VPN services for private browsing of the internet where your IP is hidden. Companies like "Private Internet Access" ( www.privateinternetaccess.com ) do this. You usually pay a fee like $7.00 a month. The VPN is usually software based (you load it on your computer) and the best throughput is usually around 7Mbit/s. There may be some that utilize a hardware solution but I have never really looked into the services.
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