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Hello everyone.

At work I have to identical systems. Both are Windows Vista 32bits.
I have to reinstall both systems and have to install several programs on it as well.

Now I was thinking this:

Can I install 1 system with Windows Vista + updates and all the needed programs, then make a full system backup, then have the other system on installed with Windows Vista.

Do a system restore and use the full system backup file from the other computer without any issues?

Or am I forced to used a disk image program.

Btw: I know it will copy all settings etc from the other system. Which means it will have the same Windows Vista 32bit license. Don't worry you can change the windows license afterwards + I have to original keys for Windows Vista 32bits.
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    You will need to run sysprep on the system before you clone it, otherwise the GUID of the computers will end up the same on the network which can cause issues especially on a domain.

    Install the system run sysprep on it, shut it down. Clone it then, restore on the other system.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I already cloned it.
    What I had in mind before didn't work, you cannot simply make a backup from 1 computer and then try to use this backup file to install another identical computer.

    Anyways I ended run sysprep, clone it to the other system. So your answer is exactly what I had done already.

    Sorry I didn't reply earlier, very busy at work~~~~~~~
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