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So, I spend a good amount of money building a gaming rig. With all the money I spent I thought my system was pretty good. I got the 3dmark benchmark software and ran it. I got a score of 3188. I searched around for other scores and compared to most mine is pretty low. Do these scores really mean anything?

My rig specs are:

Asus Sabertooth MOBO
Intel i7 920
16 GB DDR3 Ram (3 4GB 2 2GB)
120 GB Samsung SSD for OS
2 WD VelociRaptor 300 GB HDD in RAID for speed.for games
2 TB WD HDD for user files
Corsair AT1200 PSU
2x Asus GTX 660 OC video cards in sli
3 Acer 3d ready displays in surround vision

After all this effort I get a 3188 benchmark score, what am I missing? Any insight? Maybe I missed something in the settings.
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  1. I use passmark Performance test software. I don't care how my scores compare to others online. I use it to make sure all the components are working up to standard. With Performance Test, I can get wildly different scores depending on the the settings I use. That could be your problem. The computer you have is in my estimation super fast. I wouldn't change anything to get more performance. Make sure your raid is set up correctly.
  2. So in your opinion I am good build wise? As to my RAID, The MOBO has thoose 2 (orange and white) sata ports. you know the ones that have like 3 modes I went with the speed option. I forget the other modes off hand. I will check out the benchmark software you suggested, but I won't worry anymore about my components, or other rig scores. I saw #s like 5000+ to 10000+, with what I have spent on my rig I can only imagine what was spent on those rigs.
  3. So those 2 2GB RAM sticks could be causing some issues, so I either buy another 2 GB RAM stick or just remove them. I believe that 12 GB RAM will be enough to do all I am doing. I thought adding that extra RAM would be better than not using it, but what you said makes sense. I believe you have given me the answer to part of my problems. I am having resource issue problems in 3D. My A.A. setting are reduced to 2x in video settings and I get a annoying message during the game. I'll turn A.A. & A.F. off and still get the message. I will be pulling the extra memory out. The 770 would be the best I can afford at this time and that would be a single card. I believe I have the SSD in the right port but will get it out. Thanks turbolover22
  4. The build is fine, I would have went differently if you wanted high scores. The i7-920 is a pretty low end of the high end cpu's, the 660's are also sort of mid level high end cards.

    I would have went with a 960 at least, and would have absolutely gotten a single gtx780ti over sli 660's. Single 780ti would easily power a tri-monitor setup even if you're at like 4k res.

    People at the top scores on that though are most likely overclocking the hell out of their system to get those scores. Not to mention they have like sli 790's and i7 4960x or something.
  5. My i7 is first gen. I bought it when it first came out and until it dies it is what i have. as to the 660s it was my understanding that to run my ACER displays i had to use the DVIs to get full 1080p out of them. the HDMI port dose not support 1080p so I went SLi. I just bought the cards yesterday and can still return them but I will only have $450 USD to spend on a single card. The only card i have found that has 3 DVI ports is $1500+. any solutions to get 2 DVI ports to work on 3 Displays in surround vision? I really like the effect with Need for speed not 3D, Civ 5 in 3D and other games that have resulotions that support 3 displays. is SLi needed for surround?
  6. Ah I was under the impression you had just built the system, I take my statement back.

    Like using the 780 as an example it has dvi ports and hdmi ports you can hook up 2 monitors from the dvi ports and 1 on the hdmi port. hdmi indeed does support 1080p

    Edit: Ah sorry wasn't thinking all 3 of yours are 120hz so 1 will be at 720p
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    I'm assuming this is the motherboard you have since you said you have an i7 920 and Asus Sabertooth.

    Agreed with the 920 being the low end of the socket. When I was on that socket I felt like the 960 was the way to go too. The extra .54GHz is well worth the money IMO.

    Also that board supports triple channel ram. Your RAM can't be running in either dual or triple channel if you have that set up of RAM. Best you can have is single channel. You'll probably notice a small improvement in those synthetic benchies just by pulling out the 2x2GB and just going with the 3x4GB. That will put you at triple channel if you put one in each channel.

    Did you make sure that your boot drive is on the SATA 6Gb/s port?

    The Raid on the velociraptor drives isn't really going to show anything on that specific benchmark program. That benchmark program rates your processing and video power. The raid is really only going to help with load times when you are starting games or applications. There are other benchmark programs that would show the benefits of having raided drives though. You'd probably be impressed with your scores if you were to run one of those other programs.
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