How to find what's taking up space on a hard drive

How do I find what is taking up space on a hard drive? Last summer I built my mother a computer(windows 7), however now her smaller SSD for the OS is filled up. She's been good about not saving to C: and I couldn't find anything there that she saved. I tried appdata, but when the file was trying to move it showed up as just a few MB. Is there any other large storage occupiers that I could clear or move? What is filling it up?
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  1. One place to start is to look at temporary internet files, hibernation files can be large and look at the number of restore points and delete some of the older ones. WinDirStat is a good download to help you find out where the drive space is going and you could try something like CCleaner to delete temporary files.
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    You might try downloading, installing, and running CCLEANER, which used to stand for "crap cleaner". It will scan for all kinds of temporary files, dump files, etc. and clean they out of your system. Free program, very good:
  3. Windirstat. Free to download. Very easy to use. Shows a UI that has all the files by size. You can see what the biggest files on your computer are very easily. Allows you to delete them from right there too.
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