Samsung Q430 Power Delivery issues.

HI everyone, I have a Samsung Q430 works great and its baisicaly my school and work machine but i have issue with it now. For some reason the laptop does not want to charge while im using it only when is in sleep mode or when the lid is closed it charges fine, other thing when its fully charged and plugged in to the outlet it doesn't stay fully charged sometimes i see battery drain. the power adapter has a little LED on it when the LED is lit its charging (in sleep mode) when i start using the laptop it goes on and off at random. It really weird and i tried to explain best i could ill include some more info.
I thought it was software problem reinstalled windows didn't help.

Windows 8.1 pro
Nvidia CUDA not Intel graphics
everything else is standard
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  1. I would guess there is a loose connection somewhere inside hence why as you are using it and jostling the cable sometimes it charges and sometimes it doesnt.

    Its hard to fix or diagnose unless you are confident taking the laptop apart.
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