Bios update help plz

Hi All

I am wanting to update my bios to try and solve the issue with 8gb installed but 3.25gb usable.

My mother board is Foxconn G33MDHA


CPuid sees it as a DIXONSXP g33M05

I have contacted Foxconn and they sent me the latest BIOS file.

When i tried to install it said AFU not supported!

There are no advanced options in the bios for memory mapping or security to enable or disable write protection.

The BIOS on there at the moment is a phoenix award winning bios v6.0 with bios 763D3P03

the bios that foxconn sent me is a 722F1P37

i have installed windows 64 bit from a formatted c: and i have installed all of the latest updates. I have also gone into boot options and unticked the box with no change !

Bios is showing that ther is 8gb of ram installed and so is CPuid , just windows does not want to use it

Kind regards

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More about bios update plz
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    Are you running 32bit or 64bit Windows?
  2. i am running a 64 bit operating system windows 7 professional
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