Yellow and black build, getting a case with a side panel window so I need to find a good psu that will fit the color scheme

Psu needs to be at least 1000w and has to be full modular. Don't care much about the cables as long as they're modular. I will be individually sleeping them anyway. Also must be high quality because I don't want anything to die. Thanks in advance for any input.
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  1. I don't think they sell my psu anymore but the ax1200 without the "i" is actually yellow/gold colored; see my signature and some pics (the last pic probably is the easiest to see) and this psu is one of the better ones out there. Is 1200W overkill? Yes, absolutley it is and I love it. I'm going to go sli soon and before anyone says it, I know 860W itself is more than enough. I have absolute peace of mind that the issue is very unlikely ever my psu though no matter how hard I OC, how many drives I add etc.
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