just got bsod 0x00000050

what does this mean anyone know why i just got this?
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  1. I got the same one today. I left my pc idle with browsing tabs open and a download and went away. When i came back i got a bsod with 0x00000050 error. Ive been searching for queries about this but ended up with no solutions.
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    the 0x00+++ error are base codes for the file structure in the OS or could also be components...

    the best way to solve this problems is to replicate the incident that caused the BSOD.
    but if the problem doesn't occur too often or too random then, almost every suggestion will be to re-install the OS.. why??

    because it will be hard to diagnose all the programs, drivers, browsing, conditions, history, and components of the pc.
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