ac brick on comp is hot and smells like burnt plastic

First of all my comp says 63%, not charging and it is plugged in. I have checked my drivers and updated them under device manager, batteries and then rebooted. Nothing happened and the ac brick is hot and smells a bit. What could be wrong? I cleaned out the vents and the fans are not running o much anymore but when I checked the battery setting it said 100%, charged.
Wjat can be wrong, and what should I do? It is obviously working (power cord) but the laptop powers off if I unplug it. Any ideas? Is it the cord or battery anyways? Please help. Thanks!:??:
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  1. Hello... Can you boot from just the battery installed from the Computer? How old is the battery? Batteries do get old and will not charge... or cause overheating of the PS/charger.
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