Is a Sapphire HD 7950 worth $175 USD Brand New?Looking for fast replies...

As the title describes. I know compared to buying retail right now it is a decent price, but performance-wise is it worth 175.00usd??

This is the one in question...
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  1. yeah probably, but it depends on where you are buying it from

    what i meant by that was can the person or business be trusted
  2. Assuming it's good (wasn't killed by mining), I'd think so, yes.
  3. Best answer
    it is absolutely worth 175 its now called the r9 280 its the exact same card
  4. Thanks guys, all your answers are good, but i'm going to just pick a random best answer to close the thread , i guess that's how it works. Thanks again for your quick replies guys.
  5. Hell yeah. For $200 you get an awesome GPU. It'll max out a lot of games at 1080p and I know from experience that Sapphire Dual-X are quiet and cool.
  6. ahh the best kind of pick random it really is a great gpu
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