Some keyboard keys not detected... I'm very confused.

My issue is quite a strange one. My keyboard works quite perfectly, but out of nowhere, the keys z, a, q, 1 have stopped working properly. At first, I was unable to capitalize these letters (Shift + key), but now they have become very glitchy and refuse to work sometimes. When they don't register, I just click the key multiple times in succession until finally it registers. Now, I'm almost positive that this is not a physical issue with the keyboard, but rather the software. I have tried updating the drivers and using Microsoft's Fixit software (the latter said my computer was not properly configured for it), but these have not worked. Could somebody please explain how I may fix this issue and what might have caused it in the first place? As you can see, I am able to type out those letters, but it takes multiple clicks of the key and has become quite an inconvenience, especially for games or typing essays.
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    To start narrowing down on your problem, first try different OS, like Linux Live CD, or Command Prompt in windows installation disk - that way you will try your hardware on a fresh set of drivers. If the issue persists, then the internal wiring of your keyboard is getting short circuited, which can only lead to buying a new keyboard
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