Intel HD 4600 and Radeon HD 4850

I'd like to buy a new PC for work primarily (Software Developement, multithreading capabilities of the CPU are important for me), but also I want to play with "older" games (Morrowind with Morrowind Graphics Overhaul 3, Supreme Commander, Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl with popular mods. Maybe Skyrim too, but not sure...). I own an ASUS Radeon HD 4850 at the moment. If it is possible, I want to spare the price of a new video card (I choose a Radeon R7 260X).

Is the Intel HD 4600 faster than my old Radeon HD 4850? If it is (and with how much percent approximately?), I'd buy an intel i5 or i7 with HD 4600 graphics. If it is not faster, I'd buy a AMD FX 8350 and an AMD Radeon R7 260X.

I am looking forward for your answers!
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  1. R7 260X All day, at least for gaming.
  2. Although they don't have an entry for the Intel HD 4600, you may find this hierarchy chart useful in your decision making:,3107-7.html

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    HD4600 could be considered similar to the HD4000 in performance.
    260x is much stronger than that.
    @OP You could look at this chart:

    It's not a game benchmark, so take it with a grain of salt. It's adequate for this purpose though.
    The HD4600 is slower than the AMD HD5570 and Geforce GT630 cards, both of which don't even compare to the R9 260x.

    According to this chart(again, not exact) the 4850 would be around 66% faster than the 4600.
  4. Thank you guys very much! I will buy an R7 260 or 260X then and a mid level CPU then.

    Used r9 270s are $110-$125ish atm, which is a steal, and i think the gigabyte warranty goes with the serial number on the card for 3 years
    Also 7950s are around $150-$160, people are no longer mining, so many AMD chips are getting cleared out for cheap. I picked up a R9 290 for $212
  6. Mining's down? Why?
    If you do find a 7950 for $160, get it by all means(assuming it's still in good working order).
    That's half the price of that card.
  7. A R9 290 mines $3 a day right now. The power would cost more then what you would recieve from the crypto currency.
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