First pc: Want to run 140 virtual xp in it. What do you think of this config?

Hi there!

This is my first time I'm building a pc (desktop) and thus I thought it would be a nice idea to ask the pros here if this set of hardware. My budget is about $3400 but if it could be achieved with less I'm happy with that too.

Anyways! I choosed this hardware configuration:
Processor: AMD Opteron 6274 (2.2GHz, 16 cores) (won't be overclocked)
CPU Cooler: Dynatron A6
Motherboard: SuperMicro H8DGi-F
Case: Cooler Master HAF 932 Advanced
RAM: Corsair XMS3 32 Gb (4 x 8 Gb) DDR3 1333MHz CL9
Graphics cart: MSI GeForce GT 630 N630GT-MD4GD3 4 Gb
Storage: Crucial M500 960 Gb (SSD)
Power supply: LDLC TA-750 Quality Select 80PLUS Bronze
Other stuff: Samsung SH-224DB/BEBE, ASUS Xonar DG, Arctic Silver 5 (3.5 grammes), ASUS 19" LED - VS197D, Logitech Desktop MK120

The computer will be running windows 7 64bit and will be mainly used by virtual box as I'll be running 140x windows xp (32bit, 220mb RAM, 10% of 1 core CPU, 18mb gpu). Do you think this configuration is correct and that all the parts will nicely work together?

Also I choosed this processor because if I run 140 virtual boxes, I think the number of cores will be more important than the amount of Hz. And I didn't choose an extremely powerful graphics card as with 4gb I should have enough (140 x 18 = 2520mb, leaving 1480mb for the os and other stuff).

Thanks a lot for the replies and the help! :)
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  1. Did I read that you plan to run one-hundred-and-forty VMs on that box? What VM you are going to use?
    I am not sure your calculations about the graphics memory are correct. These VMs will run "virtual" graphics adapter, and it most probably will eat out your RAM, not GPU.

    I am just wondering how you plan to manage so many VMs...
  2. Haha yup I plan to do that :)

    At the moment on this pc I'm running 20 virtual pcs with oracle virtual box, all the pcs are automated and have automated custom tasks to do and to repeat and I do this for my work, as so I don't really need to touch them: They just need to stay on.
    On this pc I have an Intel core i5-3210M @ 2.5GHz, 8gb RAM and a Nvidea 630M graphics card (1gb) which makes me run about 20 virtual pcs without lagg. This is why I would like about the same pc times 7 minus what I don't need.

    You're absolutely correct about the fact of needing a lot of RAM, this is why I planned on adding 32Gb RAM at the moment and while keeping aditional slots free to increase it if I want to increase the number of virtual pcs. Also if I do not have enough RAM installed for 140 virtual pcs, I could also decrease the RAM for each virtual machine to 200MB. Next the processor is also an very important aspect as all of them need to have a minimum of processing power available, with 140 virtual pcs using 10% of each core I should end up with using 14 cores out of 16, keeping the rest for system stability, teamviewer, antivirus etc

    So to your question: First I install one pc as how I would like to have it, next I clone it 139 times and boot everything up and finally I assign all the automated task to each virtual pc :)

    Do you think if the processor with the cpu cooler and the case will keep it cool enough?
    Or do I need liquid cooling?
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