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Alright I have a client whose motherboard on her old computer is going bad so she just bought a new laptop. For the sake of time and saving the programs she has on the old laptop (which includes programs she may no longer have the disks for) is it safe to switch out the hard drives. I know the drivers would be a problem but looking around I saw that Windows 7 might pick them up automatically or that I might be able to start it up in safe mode and download the correct drivers. Is this correct? Let me know if anyone has tried this.

P.S. both laptops have Windows 7 prof on them.
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    No, it isn't safe on a couple of levels.

    1. Licensing. On a laptop, the license is almost certainly OEM. And as such, is licensed to that original motherboard.

    2. Drivers. It might work, and it might not. It might not even boot.

    In any case...the old drive/OS/installed program stack probably has a LOT of crap in it. Why carry that over to the new laptop?
    What programs does she have that she doesn't have the install media for?
  2. If it's a necessity, attempting an integration is an option. I recommend first backing up the data on the drive as a precaution then installing the drive in the new laptop. When launching the OS for the first time, I always had the most success starting with launching safe mode. If this is successful, you can start installing your drivers from safe mode.

    I've run into those occasional instances where it will not launch in safe mode. If you happen to run into this, you may want to try and disable AHCI in the BIOS as the current windows installation may lack the drivers to launch the OS using AHCI.
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