Two computers, same network, old one fast, new one slow

Hello! My mother recently purchased an HP Envy Touchsmart (23 SE494). It works just as it should, except when it comes to the network. She has a laptop that is on the same network that is about 4-5 years old. Both are connected wirelessly. The laptop's DL speed is approx. 28Mbps. The new Envy is 1.44Mbps. The network drivers have been updated, the IP address refreshed, the adapters disabled and re-enabled. Download speed improved slightly to 1.5Mbps. The desktop is not in direct view of the router but it has relatively clear path. Any ideas? This brand new, relatively expensive computer is worse than a 4 year old basic laptop.
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  1. What happens when it is right next to the router? Or connected via ethernet cable?
  2. I was unable to find any documentation online for what specific wireless network card is in that computer, but that's likely the problem - the wireless NIC is slow.
  3. I've run into issues where the AV seemed to have damaged the network stack which I was able to resolve by disabling the AV, open cmd, run the following commands:

    netsh int ip reset
    netsh winsock reset
    ipconfig /flushdns

    Then reboot the computer. May or may not be the issue here but it might be worth a shot to try. Also, launching the computer in Safe Mode with Networking while performing tests will help rule out other running software causing the issue.
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    I think you would also need to check your computer specs more before you buy another "new machine":

    Your newer computer might be running on celeron instead of pentium which has more cache within the processor that would allow more tasks to be processed at the same time. You should also check what programs are running in the background of the newer computer that might be slowing it down by running msconfig in Run window.

    Here a few tips to speed up.
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    2. Control Bandwidth Usage
    3. Free-Up Temporary Directories
    4. Optimize your Internet Settings
    5. Update Microsoft Silverlight.
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