Computer running slow but low cpu and ram usage.

My windows vista computer is running slow, but task manager is telling me only 70% or less is used and my ram is only half used. i have a slow graphics card but my computer has never locked up processes this often. i have a quad core 2.50 ghz cpu, 8gb ram, and it has started to slow down the response time for processes. Any help?
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  1. try cleaning your system files and registry with ccleaner and maybe iobits advance system care.
    do not optimize the registry though as this will slow your systems responsiveness very quickly.
  2. If you are at 70% CPU usage when idle, something is wrong. Did you do a virus and spyware scan already?
  3. OK so time has fixed it? i dont know what i did to fix it but after a while of usage, it has been better. By the way i do have norton as it comes free from comcast.
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