i bought a gigabyte GTX770 with 2gb of video ram and it says that i only have 256mb of video ram

so i bought a gtx 770 which comes with 2gb of video ram but when i go onto my directX diagnostics or system requirements lab it says i only have 256mb of video ram instead of 2048mb / 2gb does anyone know what i can do? also r system requirements lab says that i only have 4gb of normal ram but my task manager says that i have 8gb installed (which is correct) dows anyone know how to fix these problems? here is a picture, you might need to zoom in
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  1. Disable the Intel Graphics
    It may work
    go to bios you might be able to disabled it in integrated peripherals section
  2. thanks i'll try this but i dont have an intel processor i have an amd fx 8350
  3. ok wait then
  4. could it be because i dont have the drivers yet?
  5. ok now, you can go to your bios and check the Video memory and change the preference over there
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    yes obviously, you dint tell that before, go to the nvidia site and download the latest drivers as fast as possible
  7. I hate to say this but have you read what it says.
    The minimum requirement for windows is a Intel HD graphics, or Ati card, or Nvidia card equipped with at least 256Mb of memory.

    All it is saying is your card meets the minimum requirement.
    It is not referring to the total amount of memory the graphics card has.
    Just that it passes it`s requirement for windows.

    Download cpu z install it, and you will get all the true values. system memory, graphics card and on board memory of 2gb.
  8. could my pc be using my onboard graphics instead of my video card graphics?
  9. so i have fixed it... thanks for ur guys' help
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