Win 7 64bit installed across SSD and HDD - HDD upgrade creates User Profile Logon fail

Hi Folks,
Once upon a time I thought it was a good idea to follow an installation guide where the Win7 users directory gets installed on another drive (i.e D: ) to leave more space on my SSD (C : ) during a fresh install of Win 7 64bit - I think it may have been a guide on lifehacker using symlinks.

Although my system has always been stable I now have a problem. I'd like to upgrade my HDD (1TB) to a larger 3TB drive. The 1TB has started becoming noisier recently so I don't want it failing whilst I'm working. Having used Macrium Reflect to clone my 1TB D: drive to my newly GPT formatted 3TB E: drive (successfully) and then disconnecting the old 1TB drive, swapping sata ports and restarting Windows, as you've probably guessed, it comes up with "The User Profile Service failed the logon" - is it possible Macrium didn't clone some essential system files - or is the registry needing some new information on where to look for the user profile? I'm no expert in this area.

I'd like to avoid a complete new (symlink free) fresh install of Win 7 as I use it as one of my DAWs for work. I run only legal software and re-installing all the plugins,vstis and sample libraries takes supernatural patience; requiring an ungodly amount of digging through hundreds of serial codes, updates, patch downloads etc. No-one should have to go through that more than once a year...

Any help/advice greatly appreciated.

Gigabyte Mobo, i7 CPU
Win 7 64bit Professional
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  1. Quote:
    I think it may have been a guide on lifehacker using symlinks.

    ewwwwww. Just IMHO....ewwwwww

    Having used Macrium Reflect to clone my 1TB D: drive to...

    Not quite so much ewww...but ewww.

    How to fix?
    Dig through the registry and see what the drive letters are, and what the user profile is pointing to.
  2. Best answer
    1. Possibly the hidden partition or something else was not fully cloned.
    I might try again with acronis true image clone utility.

    2. Startup might be detecting the different hard drive size. See if you can't boot using your windows install dvd and attempt a startup repair.
  3. @USAFRet Agreed. Hindsight and all that. Thanks, I'll check the registry.

    @geofelt. Good points, will try startup repair first, then try acronis.

    Thanks for the quick responses, appreciated! Will update over the weekend.
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