CPU fan stops working after logging into windows account

This is probably the most strange problems I've had with computers, I hope this is the most appropriate subforum.

There are two windows account on my computer, one for me and another for my mom. After I log on, put it to sleep when I'm done (what I usually do), and turn the computer back on nothing happens. But when I log on, put the comp to sleep, then my mom logs onto her account (mainly for streaming videos), puts it back to sleep mode, the CPU fan stops working and CPU heats up to 100 degrees C. I have no idea what causes this, I will try to provide more information when needed. Thank you.
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  1. The fan might just be old and needs replacement. Or the MB isn't read the temps correctly.
    Can you clarify this a bit?
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    have you got some program installed (maybe that comes with the motherboard) that controls the CPU fan speed? I could only imagine that you/your mom have accidentally changed some fan curve settings. I mean to me it definitely sound like a software problem rather that hardware.
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