AMD R7 260x 2gb gpu - Memory clock jumps from 1600mhz to 300mhz sporadically and crazy low fps.

I just bought an AMD R7 260x 2gb ddr5 gpu about 2 months ago from TigerDirect, to replace an ancient 512mb ddr3 Nvidia 9800 GTX. I noticed immediately that my FPS did not increase while "ugrading" from the 9800 to this new R7 260x. I could barely maintain 40fps in World of Warcraft on "good" settings, dropping down to 10 fps during any significant combat. Same issues in The Elder Scrolls online and Assassin's creed black flag.

Supporting specs are: AMD FX 6100 6-core cpu @ 3.3 ghz and 16gbs of DDR3 ram. I have a 650w thermaltake PSU.

My cooling is 3 120mm intake fans, 3 120mm exhaust fans inside a Thermaltake Kandalf full tower
with a Thermaltake Frio Extreme heatsink with 2 140mm fans on it. My idle temps are 25c - 32c across the board with load temps reaching from 38c - 42c during normal load.

I do not currently have anything overclocked. I run the default BIOS settings, have disabled the AI Suite Turbo V overclocking tool, and disabled the AMD Overdrive overclocking tools. Everything is stock speeds. (Attempting to use AMD Overdrive actually caused my PC to crash and have terrible performance and weird bugs like Aero not i disabled it.)

My bios is updated to the correct version for the AMD FX 6100 according to the website.

I have since reformatted my PC (two nights ago). I've updated all drivers to current drivers including the new 14.4 drivers from AMD that was released a few weeks ago. I no longer play WoW or TESO so I cannot test those games but I do have League of Legends installed...which is not a very graphically intense game. The game runs perfectly fine with no hiccups...problem solved right?

Well, I noticed while looking at the AMD Catalyst Control center that my GPU was wildly, randomly, jumping from 2d clock (300mhz) to its normal 1600mhz clock at random did not matter if i was just sitting on desktop, watching a 1080p youtube video, or playing League of Legends.... I need to test out a more demanding game to see if im getting the crazy FPS drops but does anyone have an explanation as to why my card is doing this? Yes I have tried googling this issue before posting here and everyone's posts come to the same conclusion of RMA'ing the card.

League of Legends is not lagging at all and I can play it on max, but its not a very demanding game. However the issue of it jumping around from 2d clock to 3d clock and sometimes being stuck at 300mhz for 5+ minutes is seriously odd to me.

Is there a possible solution to this or do i need to begin the RMA process? Can I even RMA 2 months later? I bought a 3-year warranty but if everyone is having this issue with this card I doubt a replacement card will fix the issue...=/
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    It is normal If the GPU does not need the 3D clock speeds to drop to the lower 2D speed. This is for energy savings. I suggest that you play more demanding games and see if there is an issue there before going for an RMA process. Yes you can RMA it right up till the warranty runs out with the manufacture.

    My clocks bounce when I watch shows and movies on my PC so that part is normal. try the heavier GPU usage games and let us know if there is an issue.
  2. Okay thank you, I am reinstalling Assassin's Creed black flag tonight but I will probably test it out tomorrow. I had never monitored GPU clock speeds before so when I noticed it jumping from 300mhz to 1600mhz sporadically I got a bit worried/confused. I will update this thread soon after some more extensive testing.

    I've also never RMA"d before lol, Do they (TigerDirect) just replace the card with a new card of the same type? Or is a refund/credit possible so I can get something different like an Nvidia Card or an R9 Card?
  3. I'm not sure how long after the sale the seller will take the merchandise back. Usually if they do they will replace it with the same model part. Newegg will allow a refund/exchange for a small charge but I don't know about tigerdirect. If tiger direct will not RMA it you will have to go through the manufactures RMA process.

    let us know how your test goes.
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