asus z97-a vs asrock extreme4 z97

what motherboard would be better the new asus z97-a or the new asrock extreme4 z97.
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    I like the Asrock spec wise , but I PREFER the Quality of ASUS boards.
  3. The biggest question that comes to my mind here is what is the value of the ASRock Extreme4 z97 3 way CFX/SLI? I see that the speeds for each slot reduce to 8/4/4 for 3 cards opposed to 8/8 when you only have 2. Assuming I could fit all 3 cards in the case comfortably, would the reduced PCIe speeds allow for worthwhile 3-way performance? If the third slot on the ASRock motherboard provides minimal extra value, then the Asus might be the way to go.
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