Cpu heat sink on 7750?

so i saw some pictures of graphic cards with huge aftermarket cpu fans and i got this heat sink from an AMD Phenom II x4 940 and i want to know if its possible to mount it on a 7750 sapphire without any severe changes :pt1cable: on the card , however i cant afford changing the heat sink cuz i already have an aftermarket heat sink on my cpu , i also need some pictures of 7750 chipset whithout is heat sink.

oh and one more thing ! i dont even know where is the ram on my graphic card so does the heat sink on card have to do cooling for its ram?

the heat sink i have is something like this

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  1. hmm you mean i need bracket because of weight? it wont be a problem , and for the heat sink i have something like drilling and bolting it on graphic cards nut places , well it dosent have to be something classy i just want it to be practical for some overclocking
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    You will have to constructed standoffs and/or bracket to rest it at the appropriate height. Might be a fun project if you're bored, but hardly necessary given the low TDP of the HD 7750. Practically anything placed on it at the factory will cool it appropriately.
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