INTEL Core i3-4130 vs AMD FX-6300 Multithread performance and upgrade path

I want to buy a new PC for work primarily (parallel programming, .NET, etc) and for gaming secodarily. My top prioirty is multithread performance (while using all of the cores/threads) and upgradeability (In 1-2 years I want to buy a new CPU, but keep the motherboard, VGA and RAM) The intel CPU does have 2 cores, 4 threads, and a better upgrade path with an ASUS H87-PLUS motherboard (In 1-2 years I'll be able to buy an i7). The AMD CPU has 6 cores, 6 threads, but a dead end upgrade path with ASUS M5A97 R2.0 motherboard (as far as I know, AMD won't produce AM3+ socket CPU-s anymore, so my only upgrade candidate is the FX-8350, the motherboard handles CPUs till 140W TDP, the FX CPUs above 8350 do have 220W TPD). I am thight on the budget at the moment, I should chose from the 2 CPU s (or an AMD FX-8320 without any further upgrade).

Which one should I choose?
I am looking forward for your answers!
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  1. Go AMD.

    I am an AMD fan but I wanna show you this:[]=2009&cmp[]=2014

    You can clearly see that AMD gives more "bang for the buck!" than Intel does. The above comparison is purely against the highest end from both brands, but if you go down to a more accessible price range, you will see that the comparison remains the same.

    Intel has more support, but AMD is A LOT cheaper and offers more "raw horsepower".

    Hope that clears your mind :).
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    If it were up to me I'd take the i3. It will be slightly lacking in multithreaded performance, but as you've said the AM3+ platform has no upgrade path.

    One way to look at it would be that the i3 would offer worse multithreaded performance than the mediocre 6300, but at the end of the day you can only get 2 more cores from an FX. Whereas an i7 4770k/4790k is far more powerful than either.

    The i3 has hyperthreading, so 2 cores 4 threads, and I wouldn't expect it to perform much worse than an FX 6300 would at full load. And then it leaves you with that nice upgrade path too.
  3. Thank you for your answers! Then I will act as JOOK-D suggested. I will buy an INTEL Core i3-4130. Let me ask you, which motherboard should I schoose, if I want to upgrade to i7 "later"? ASUS H87-PLUS with H87 chipset or ASUS B85-PLUS with B85 chipset? I don't plan to overclock the CPU nor use multiple video cards.
  4. In that case it doesn't really matter.

    They'll have varying features - number of SATA ports etc, the B85 will be a little worse.

    If it were up to me, I'd look at the 9 series of motherboards that just released. B95 (Haven't personally seen any of these yet), H97 or Z97 (Z is overkill for your needs). The new 9 series will support Broadwell CPU's when they release at the end of this year or the start of next year.

    Anyway, either of those motherboards would be fine, but I'd personally go with a 9 series.
  5. Then I choose this motherboard: ASUS H97-PLUS It does have everything I need, and some of the extra features will come handy. Thank you very much!
  6. No problem, enjoy. :)
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