If I combine two ADSL's in a dual router, do upload speeds share, when one is on load ?

Hello everybody..
You see I live in syria and I want to host a game server..
Our fastest internet speed is an 8mb ADSL connection, but sadly it comes with 870kbps data rate upload speed, which is between 75-85 kb/sec upstream..
I was wondering if I got another adsl line and put them together in a dual router, is it possible to program them both to have the same IP address ? On my first adsl I have a static IP Address for the server..
And if yes, do upload speeds share load ?
For example : for every player a 5kb/sec upstream is reserved, let's say I got 16 player = 80kb/sec Upstream, and the server started to overload, is there a way to program the router to switch to the other line when the first line's upload speed is already fully used ?
As in, share loads, not combine speed.

Thanks in advance for your responses.
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    Mostly no you can't combine 2 internet circuits. The key issue you have is the ISP assigns different ip addresses to each connection.

    This means a single data stream can not use both connections to increase the speed. If you work very hard at it you can run some data on one and other data on another. If you somehow always knew certain ip go out one path and other go out the other you can make that work. It is also to a point possible to let thing like dual wan routers send traffic out sorta it will pick one at the time the session opens and then stay with it for a period of time.

    Hard to say in your case. Actual load balancers are outrageously expensive and they still can't full solve this issue. If you can clearly define which traffic takes which path and when you can likely make it work with ROUTE commands in the server to select which ISP router you use.

    The only true way to do this is for the ISP to combine the lines. It is technically possible but they likely do not want to deal with offering the service to you even if you were to buy the specialized equipment.
  2. What you are describing is called Bonded ADSL.

    You need special routers which are capable 'bonding' together. I believe they call it Sharedband technology.

    You also have to notify your ISP so they can activate things at their end. Not all ISP's will offer this.
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