How can I use a SATA and an IDE HDD together?

I have al SATA HDD (40Gb) and I have a 120 Gb Maxtor (IDE).
My motherboard (Asus IPBL-LB) is have only SATA sockets. So I bought today a IDE-SATA converter. I plugged it in to my Maxtor IDE HDD, and I connected it to the motherboard with a SATA cable. I turned on the PC, it started, but it doesn't recognized my Maxtor, just my basic SATA HDD which is already connected.

Should I need to plug the jumper in to my IDE drive? And on which pins?
Or I need to set something in the BIOS?

The Converter looks like this:
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  1. Did you plug in the floppy power connector into that converter?
    That is required too.
  2. Everything is connected properly.
    There is a two place where I can plug the SATA cable:
    I choosed the SATA HOST => IDE HD one... (I also tried to plug it to the other socket)
    Still not works. The led lights up when I start the PC, but i don't see the HDD in computer, just my SATA drive, which already connected.

    I need to set the jumper? Or to set something in BIOS?
  3. I would suggest looking at the jumper on the IDE hard drive. It should be set to either master or single drive (some drives have this as a setting and is different from master or slave).
  4. So it's just a waste of money?
    I don't think I can find...
  5. Is your motherboard set to IDE mode on the hard drive controller?
    Is the SATA-IDE bridge powered up?
    Is your SATA cable connected to the bridge?
    Is the bridge plugged into the rear of your IDE hard drive
    Is the IDE hard drive powered up and spinning? (It still needs it's own power supply)
    As above, are the jumpers on the rear of your IDE hard drive set for master/single drive use?
    Have you plugged the SATA cable into the correct port on the card? (One port is for when the adapter is used on a drive, the other is for when the adapter is used on the host controller)

    It is possible either the bridge or your hard drive is dead, it does happen. I do know the bridges are not a waste of money having been forced down that line many moons ago, before SATA drive were even available, as I was using a pair of IDE hard drives on a on-board RAID controller which only supported the SATA interface.
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    At BIOS the SATA Controller set to IDE (Other option is AHCI, but if I choose this option, windows won't load up, crashes with a blue death).
    The bridge was powered up, both (The HDD and the bridge) get power. The bridge led lights up. And the HDD is working, spinning, I hear it.
    The SATA cable is connected to the Bridge and the Motherboard. At the bridge it was connected to the SATA HOST => IDE HD.
    If I think good, the HD stands for the Hard Drive, and a HOST for the motherboard. If I true, I connected them good, because my HDD is IDE, and my Motherboard is SATA.
    The bridge connected properly to the HDD.
    According to the cover of the HDD, it says No Jumper = DS (Slave). So I don't plugged the jumper in.
    (( ))
    Where should I plug in the jumpers? (( I have the same as this: ))

    (( Sorry, if my English is not good :) ))
  7. Try this

    You're looking for page 7, style A2 master.
  8. personally I'd have gotten an IDE caddy and gone for an external HDD over USB, more reliable.
  9. Then maybe it's one of those crappy bridges.... does happen you know.
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