Overheating CPU AMD 8350

Hi all,

I am having massive cooling issues with my RIG so i was hoping someone could help me;

I have not overclocked anything on the RIG its all stock settings

My build is
Crosshair V Formula
AMD 8350 4.4
AMD Radeon R9 270
Corsair 750m PSU
8 GB Corsair vengeance 1800mhz
8 GB Crucial Ballistix 1800mhz

I have a Corsair H70 With 2 120mm fans on a Push pull config in to the case
i have two case top mounted 120mm Corsair Fans set to Extract so sucking the hot air out.
i have one 120mm Corsair fan in the middle of the front of the case on intake

My Case is a Areocool VS-92

Recently i changed the CPU cooling from stock fan to the H70 as temps when playing where just short of 60'c.
But now my temps are worse currently:

Case Temp - 27-28'c
Mother board - 30'c
GPU - 30'c
Processor - 46'c

System useage stats -
CPU - 2-5%
Ram - 17%

I have just redone the thermal paste and used Arctic Silver 5 as i was using ebay crap before, more to practice putting thermal paste on etc. i used the pea size blob method when applying.

I am concerned with how high my CPU temp is when i am not running any games.

Is the issue with my H70? I did buy it second hand so is it possibly not working?? is there anyway to check?

I am tempted to stick the stock fan back in to it and see what the temps look like then. but i just don't wanna keep wasting thermal paste.

I really dont wanna damage my CPU my misses will kill me iv spent far too much on this little build.

Thanks for any help or advice

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  1. going from air to water............... need fans blowing air on the power circuitry around the processor...... like the stock heat sink and fan did.
  2. Ok that makes sense dunno why i didn't think of that.

    I will give that a try now il move the front intake fan to the side panel and let you know the results i have two more 120mm fans on order to fit to the side just haven't got here yet.

    Update - actually i will put the top ones on intake and move the one to the side for extract then more air will be going on to the CPU

    Thanks for the quick response

    This setup is almost EXACTLY like yours (FX-8350 and similar push-pull LCS). He says:
    "In Silent Mode I was able to set the voltage to stock with a very reasonable overclock to 4.4 GHz. Temperatures are at 28C at idle and 33C at load."

    There's only a few things it could be:
    1) bad pump
    2) Liquid coolant
    3) Fans too low or not working right

    *The CPU cooling is almost entirely done by the Liquid Cooler itself. The purpose of the intake is to blow air across the CPU voltage regulators to ensure stable power, it is NOT an issue with temperature of the CPU itself. Since the CPU is overheating it's an issue with the Liquid Cooler not removing the heat. Think about exactly what's happening here:
    - CPU heats up liquid->
    - Pump moves liquid through radiator->
    - Fans blow heat away from radiator.

    *You should be likely rethinking the EXHAUST since the H70 is switched to intake (to cool the CPU voltage regulators). The FRONT FANS would likely be best as exhaust, and all the top fans as Intake.
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    ah, the pump................ these all in ones........... if you hook them to the cpu header they will throttle like a fan will on the cpu heat sink. you need to hook the pump to a regular fan header so it moves at a faster constant rate. went through this stuff a while back.
  5. swifty_morgan said:
    ah, the pump................ these all in ones........... if you hook them to the cpu header they will throttle like a fan will on the cpu heat sink. you need to hook the pump to a regular fan header so it moves at a faster constant rate. went through this stuff a while back.

    My Noctua NH-D14 has voltage-controlled fans (3-pin). When I attached one to my new motherboard that supports PWM control only from the CPU_FAN header the fan spun about 75% max speed.

    My Chassis Fan headers are both Voltage and PWM.

    So it wouldn't surprise me if the pump ran slower than normal if attached to a PWM-only header. I'm no expert but it seems likely. So try moving the pump power cable to a Chassis fan connection if using the CPU.
  6. Ok,

    Thanks all for your help iv had a shuffle around with the Fans and like Swifty said i have moved the Pump to a normal Fan socket.

    i have also changed the H70 Fans to exhaust as i dont plan on over clocking anytime soon so figured it might help with airflow. also i have moved the front fan as high up in the front as i can so its practically in line with the H70 ones so hopefully it will pull cold air over the CPU. i have moved one of the 120 to the side panel and i have just robed 2 80mm fans off a unfinished build. and stuck one in top and one in to the side panel in line with the cpu i couldn't put the 120mm one in line as the h70 was in the way.

    so in summary i now have
    h70 as exhaust
    1 120mm and 1 80mm as intake on the top
    1 120mm and 1 80mm on the side as intake
    1 120mm as intake in the front

    my cable management is now out of the window but i can fix that later. sounds like a odd way to set my fans i know and its bodged but if it drops the temp im more than happy!

    computer is now back up and running il let you know temps shortly

    Thanks for all the advice guys!
  7. Ok, by the looks of things i have improved the temps massivly:

    CPU is now idling at 33-34'C
    Motherboard has also gone down to 29'C
    GPU has stayed at 30'C

    Case temp is show 26'C tho i cant even remeber where i left the cable in it as i need to resort out the cable management.

    My HD temps have gone up a little bit but still more than fine.

    its just a shame the 80mm fans i have are old and noisy but they are only temp so that's ok.

    Il play some TESO and see how the temps hold up.

    Thanks for all the help guys!
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