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I am looking to upgrade my basic Dlink dir615. I have two computer, one laptop and one desktop sharing a lot of data for backups.

Right now, it is faster to use a USB3 stick than transfering data over the network. I would like to be able to transfer at real 100mb second. Right now I am doing 1-2mb second from computer to computer.

Any options?
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    There likely is not a router that is going to improve this a lot. You are already using fairly new technology that is close to the limits.

    That said your current router should get MUCH more throughput. It should be about 40-80m depending on if you are running both machine on wireless or one wired.

    This implies you are getting interference of some kind. You need to try to get past the interference by changing the channels or moving the devices to try to improve your speed. A new router will not fix interference.

    The only way you are going to ever get 100m is to totally replace everything you have. You need new wireless nic cards on your machines as well as a new router. You must go to 802.11ac to actually get 100m. You will need to buy the better equipment to get this.

    The number they state for speed are all marketing numbers for some magic optimum case you can never get in the real world. Most the sites that have done testing are finally getting about 300m in real world tests using 802.11ac equipment.

    Still none of this matters if you have a interference issues. Interference will kill even the very best equipment.

    You might get some benefit with just a simple dual band router and nic because it then gives you the 5g channels to hope no one else is using but if you live in a high density area you likely have lots of people on the 5g band.

    All you can really do is try other channels on the router and see if you get any improvement.
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