Using tape instead of heat shrink ??

I have the antec vp450p and I want to sleeve the cables ... I was thinking about sleeving with something similar :

Now , my question is that what is the utility of heat shrink and is it necessary to use it ?? What if I use black electrical tape instead ???
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  1. The heat shrink will stay put. The electrical tape will eventually unwind.
  2. after going through all that work why not finish it off nice? heat shrink isn't that expensive. it stays in place. you only need 5/8-3/4 of an inch to cover the ends. tape/gaudy/unprofessional looking.
  3. Ok , then heat shrink it is ... And I just dont wanna take the connectors off the cables .. So , is the heat shrink gonna be enough extendable so that I need not have to take the black ends off the wires ...
  4. what do you mean extendable? it is what it is. if you cut a piece 1inch long and shrink it, it's still 1inch long. it shrinks in diameter.
  5. Yeah , I mean that without taking the inline connectors ( or the black plastic covers at the end of the cables ) off , I wanna apply the heat shrink , so how will I do that ???
    Also , what is the exact thing that manufacturers use for sleeving their cables .. Because I will be sleeving each connector as a whole , not each wire individually , primarily because I will not be taking off the plastic ends ... These black sleeves are a bit transparent ... So , what are these exactly ???
  6. you're going to have to disassemble or it won't work as far as I know.
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