Air Cooling: Using software profiles to switch between positive and negative pressure.

I am looking at improving the cooling in my case which does not support liquid cooling, at least not in the capacity I would like at this time. I have been reading up on the advantages and drawbacks of both positive and negative pressure air cooling systems and I simply want to know the feasibility of getting identical fans for each chassis fan location, which means identical CFM from all fans, and using speed control software and fan speed profiles to vary between positive and negative pressure systems. The idea behind it is to have the fans run a positive pressure system while the CPU is not overly active and then once the CPU temp hits a certain point, probably somewhere between 50C and 60C, the fans switch into the negative pressure profile. Would this be possible to achieve?

Now my reasoning is quite simple. I want as much cooling as possible while I am gaming and when I am not gaming I want it to focus more on keeping out dust and the like.

To clarify once more, I am not interested in liquid cooling at this time. I am simply trying to make do with what the chassis can support without spending a large amount of cash, at least not until I buy my new case.
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  2. The comment to keep it simple is Right on. But if you have time you can start googling this subject and educating your self
    maybe even accomplish what you want to do. You wil probably find out that negative cooling is the as good if not better than positive. Especially if you do not have the right case for either. Dust is ievitable! You cannot stop it you can only slow it down. In fact within the next 2 weeks I need to break down one of my Computers and thoroughly Clean it. Fan filters are an option. You also would need a very special case. It would be costly and time consuming even with a lot of Knowledge.
    So as was mentioned earlier Keep it simple go negative.
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