Computer crashes while playing video games (blue screen) Several error messages!

I built a computer a few months back and had zero problems with playing games for a solid two months or so. I made no changes to my system or anything and suddenly one day it crashed while playing eve online. From that point on, whenever I play any game the crashes occur within 3-5 minutes of starting the game. Basically the screen freezes or goes black and I can still hear the sounds from the game. The computer works perfectly and runs quickly doing any other task (internet, video, music) but always crashes while playing games. Here are the specs:
CPU: AMD A-series black edition A10 5800k 3.8ghz quad-core
MB: Asus F2 A85-V Pro
RAM: corsair two 4gb sticks
Graphics card: ASUS 2GB Cards HD7770-2GD5
OS: windows 7 home premium
Power: EVGA NEX650G 80PLUS 650W Power Supply

Finally here is an error my computer gives me on a daily basis regardless of what it is being used for.
Debug Assertaion Failed!
Program: C\ Program Files (x86) Asus\AI Suite
File: dbgheap.c
line: 1017
Expression: BLOCK_TYPE_IS_VALID(pHead->nBlockuse)

I should also add I periodically get this error:
Access violation at address 761E136D in module "kernel32.dll". Write of address CCCCCCC0
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  1. I would first rule out registry conflicts by running CCleaner to clean up registry errors, junk files, and other resource wasting crap. Do the Clean and Registry portions both. It may have to be run more than once if it comes back with a lot of problems it finds.

    If the issue is still present, I would update your virus pgm with the latest signatures and run a FULL scan.

    Next , I'd run a FULL scan with Malwarebytes to check for malware corrupting the system.

    Lastly, check your tray for programs you have running in the background. Start disabling/deleting them one by one to see if one of them is conflicting.
  2. Thanks for the response. I tried the cleaner and had zero registry conflicts..I had essentially given up and been to busy to deal with it until today. Out of desperation I decided to switch my graphics card to the second slot to see if it would change anything. It didn't. It still crashed immediately upon playing a game. So, I said why don't I just take out the graphics card and plug my monitor directly into the motherboard? Well now there are no crashes (so far) while playing a game. This leads me to believe the problem is certainly related to the graphics card. Of course this is just a short term solution because the motherboard graphics do not match the card's. The question now is, is it a bad graphics card or something wrong with my setup (ie. incorrectly plugged in/wrong drivers)?
  3. I would put the card back in the first slot (the 2nd slot is only x4 lanes electrically), and then try disabling the pgm in the error message. EZupdate seems to be problematic:
    In fact, I would uninstall everything connected with Asus AI Suite and run CCleaner again afterwards. At that point try the card in the 1st slot again for crashing.
  4. I actually uninstalled the ezupdate part of AI suite a few weeks ago in an attempt to fix the issues. The crashes continued but I no longer get the error I wrote about in my original post. I also don't see why (if that was the source of the crashes) it would happen with the graphics card plugged in but not when the motherboard is being used alone. I read that sometimes graphics cards can blow capacitors? I took off the fan from my video card to see the capacitors but they all look completely normal so I don't think thats an issue but I really have no idea.
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    No, I really feel it is software related. Although you can't rule out a defective card.
    Have you done a memory test to see if you have a faulty stick of RAM? If not, run memtest on each stick of RAM individually in the first DIMM slot for at least one FULL pass. Normally, one pass will catch most errors, but some errors only occur when the memory gets hot. So more passes are better. But if even one error shows up, the stick is bad.

    One test you could do is boot to safe mode and run the game. I know the graphics will be horrendous, but it is just for a test to see if the driver is at fault.

    Another thing to try, is uninstall the gfx driver and then run Driver Sweeper from safe mode.
    Have it remove any remnants of AMD and Nvidia graphic drivers it finds. Re-boot and install the latest driver for your card and OS:
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