ASUS ATI Radeon 5770 fan can be heard working 100% speed but BIOS beep signals no videocard.

Hey guys,
I was working and hibernated my PC. 5 mins later i wanted to switch it back on. When i did switch it on, i can hear the noise of the GPU ATI HD 5770 ASUS fan going at alnost probably 100% speed!! But when i check using MSI Afterburner, CCC and realtemp, all show that my GPU temperature is abt 35 - 40 and fan speed is 30% but i know that sound i hear is the gpu fan going at about 70 - 80% speed. I restarted twice and checked but it was the same result. I cleaned the card properly and cleaned the components fully and reassembled but still the fan speed i can hear is very high although a low speed is shown in all software i use to monitor everything. About a week later, i hibernated and switched it on within 5 mins. Then BIOS gives long beep, beep beep beep, which means gfx card isnt detected. But i can hear the fan working at almost 100% speed. What should I do???
No overclocking or anything as such was done within this year so this cant be due to overheating or anything.

my specs:
Windows 7 64BIT
Core i5 3570K
Seasonic 520W 80PLUS bronze s12 silent 120mm fan series
Corsair Vengeance 4GB x 2
Coolermaster Elite 430

plz give me a solution!!!
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    Try a different card. Can you borrow a friend's? Can you test yours in a friend's?
    You could try uninstalling the driver for the card and see if when Win7 boots and it loads the generic driver, if the problem is gone. If so, that would indicate a software problem. If the issue is still present, it just may be a dying card.
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