How many SATA cables will i need for this build?

I am new to all this stuff and this is my first time building a PC. So I was wondering with this build how many SATA cables ill need if any and I know there are different types so could I get links to the cables that would fit my PC. Thanks in advance.
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    You have one harddrive and one dvd drive. Both take one SATA cable. Your motherboard almost definitely comes with two, and the two drives usually do too. SATA is fairly standard, so you don't need a specific type.
  2. 2 SATA cables; however, don't need to add any since the motherboard comes with two.
  3. You will need 2 sata cables, one for the hard drive, and one for the dvd drive.
    Your motherboard will include two so you need not buy any extra.
  4. you will need 2 and they will comes with the motherboard.
  5. Hi

    Most motherboards come with 2 sata data cables which is enough for your hard disk and DVD drive

    You can check on gigabyte web site

    Mike Barnes
  6. I have a pile of like 30 SATA cables. They just stick a couple in every component's box that uses one. Every harddrive I've purchased comes with one, every motherboard with at least two (some come with 4).
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