Unstable internet connection on a home built rig.

I just finished my first PC build two days ago, YAY, and everything is working great, double YAY, but I'm yet to get a stable internet connection for more that a few minutes at a time, with the best being a one hour period of connectivity. I've been going through forums, like this one, trying wireless resets, manually setting the IP, entering CMD commands and even physically removing then installing the PCI express WiFi card and drivers multiple times, with no success. That being said, I'll still try any suggestions that you can provide.

Motherboard: Asrock Fatality Z97Killer series
CPU: Intel i7 4770k
RAM: Crucial 8GB Ballistix Elite DDR3
PSU: EVGA 600W Bronze
GPU: Nvidia GTX660Ti 2GB
Wireless Card: Asus PCE-N53 PCI Express Adapter
OS: Windows 8.1
Wireless Router: Arris TG862G
Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I'll be checking back regularly to see what's been suggested, or to update any missing information or progress. Thank You,
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  1. I would: Return the Asus and get something with better reviews. 3 eggs on newegg and 3.5 on Amazon fwiw....
  2. That's definitely an option, but that'll also make the third wireless card I've tried. I started with the TP Link TL-WN881ND which seemed to drive the home network nuts. Devices were kicked from the WiFi, and I also had an unstable connection. Do you have a recommended option brand or model I should look at?
  3. What exactly are the problems you are experiencing with the "unstable" internet connection?
  4. I don't know if unstable is the technically correct phrase for the problem, but what's happening is that most of the time, I don't have an internet connection, but then a connection will come through for 10 minutes or so. At that point it'll drop back out again, I get the little yellow triangle, and there's no more accessing websites or downloads. All through this, the problem PC is connected to the wireless access point, and no other computer or device has any problem.
  5. Can you do an Ipconfig/all in a command window to see if you still have an IP address when you are experiencing this problem? Also, if you reset your router when this happens, does connection resume on the problem PC?

    Honestly though, if other devices are connecting to the same router and are experiencing no problems, the problem would appear to be a faulty wireless card. Are you close enough to the router to try a wired connection? Or do you have an extra adapter you can try using temporarily?
  6. I've just run the "ipconfig /all" and do see an IP address listed, though "ping google.com" failed to go through. I've actually switched back to the TP Link wireless card now, with the same results, and I'll be able to move everything close enough to the access point to try a wired connection later today.
  7. I will point out that there have been moments of connectivity. There was an hour long period where a download was running fine at around 1000kb/s (normal for the house). At this point, I'm wondering if the range isn't at it's max, and getting enough interference that, most of the time, there's no solid connection. I'll be at work for the next 6 hours, but then I'll do a direct connection and share the results.
  8. Well, thank you for all of the help, but it appears to actually be a range issue. I moved the problem PC to within two feet of the access point, to try a cable but tested the wifi once more, and it's working like a champ. I'll keep it going for a bit to make sure, but this looks very promising.
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