SSD Comparison: Samsung 840 Evo VS. Adata SP920


I am looking to get an SSD under $100 and I can't decide between these 2:

Samsung 840 Evo -

Adata SP920 -

They both cost about the same and have the same storage space. Which one is better?

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  1. Um...
    What kind of user are you?
    SSD's are incredibly varied in their performance, price, reliability etc. The ideal SSD for you will depend on your lifestyle and not just on your budget. Here at the forums, i can look at your lifestyle and recommend the drives that would fit your needs... Read More
  2. JPNpower said:

    Thanks for replying.

    I want to get the best performance and loading times while gaming. Which one would be the better option for me?
  3. Best answer
    Usually, game performance is independent of drive speed, but loading times are affected by it.

    I usually only recommend lower end ssds to gamers primarily for that reason, but you seem to REALLY like speed, so I'll recommend a higher endmainstream ssd. Of course, the highest end ssds are still reserved for other kinds of users.

    I recommend either the Toshiba Q series pro or ocz vertex 460. They are very very fast drives that have a good price as well.

    I do not recommend the Samsung due to inherent issues with a technology called TLC. I do not recommend the ADATA because the drives I did recommend are much better.

    So look for those two drivers at all the physical and online computer stores you have access to and buy the one you can get for less.
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