Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart

I just bought an HP laptop and have only used it around 5 times. After watching a Netflix show on it for about 30 minutes, the laptop has crashed a few times with the message:

"Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart - System_Service_Exception".

The laptop I have is from Best Buy, more specifically the:

HPPavilion 17334 Laptop AMD A8Series 4GB Memory 750GB Hard DriveAnodized Silver17e
Model #: 17-e113dx

The only thing I did hardware wise was put in an additional 4 GB stick of RAM to make 8 GB total.


One thing I noticed on HWMonitor from CPUID. The CPU runs at 80 degrees Celcius (while idle). WOW! That is extremely hot, correct?

My mom has a slightly different model and CPU, but her CPU runs at 30-40 degrees Celcius. My desktop runs around 40 degrees. Should I take this laptop back?
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  1. yes the cpu temps are too high idle, send it back to check it.
  2. Would the CPU temp be a reason for that specific error? Or could it be an additional problem? (I haven't used Windows 8 much and don't know much about the errors)
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    Well i cant say that this error is 100% from the cpu, but cpu temps cant be a reason. Your laptop is brand new so there isnt a reason to start doing tests,
    its better to send it back.
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