i want to move my HDD 1TB drive with windows 8.1 installed from my dell inspiron 5520 3rd gen to dell inspiron 7737 4th gen

I want to move my HDD 1TB drive with windows 8.1 installed from my previous laptop dell inspiron 5520 3rd generation to new laptop dell inspiron 7737 4th generation. I didn't want to buy new hard drive as i have alot of games installed in the previous hdd. I wanted to know if i can boot windows 8.1 on the new system, or will i have to reinstall the windows and drivers again? I got my windows 8.1 from my University so i have a student license type.
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  1. The only way to know for sure is to try it.
    It might work, it might not. It might work partway.

    Try it. See what happens. Don't do anything drastic that would preclude going back if necessary.
  2. I don't have a problem reinstalling the windows and drivers, but i just hope the previous windows and drivers that were earlier installed don't interfere with the new laptop hardware. The old hardware was 3rd generation core i5 with 3mb cache, 2X4GB=8GB RAM, 15 inch display non touch, 1GB AMD 7760 raedon graphic card, 1TB HDD. New hardware will be 4th generation core i7 with 4mb cache, 16GB RAM, 17.3 inch touch display, NVIDIA GeForce GT750M 2GB GDDR5 graphic card. So what is suggestion? Should i just go for a new HDD or can i use the previous 1TB Hard drive? My old book going to sale for 400$ without HDD, as new one will cost me just another 400$-500$ :p, but if i can reuse the previous HDD than it will save alot of my precious time :p
  3. Still not entirely sure what you're trying to do here.

    Old laptop, with Win 8.1 and software installed.
    Sell the old laptop minus hard drive.
    You want to put this drive in a new laptop.
    It may or may not work.
    If it does not, you'll have to reinstall the OS, and all application including games.

    You can reuse the actual drive. The software on it? Maybe, maybe not.
  4. As i have 3 partitions, and all my games are already installed in the other partitions, so i think i'll just run a fresh windows 8.1 install in C drive, and use same HDD as it's currently performing pretty well :). I already monthly and weekly defrag my drive with ashampoo winoptimizer 11. So i have 0% fragmentation :p, so that's why i don't want to buy a new HDD.
  5. Quote:
    so i think i'll just run a fresh windows 8.1 install in C drive

    In which case all your applications will need to be reinstalled. Which is a good idea, but be prepared.
  6. i can reinstall the apps and drivers and windows maybe take 2 hours....I'll have to do it on a weekend :)....Thanks anyways :)
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