addind RAM of different brand, is it possible?

hi guys,, kinda noob here,
my MB is P5KPL-AM/PS
and CPU is Intel Core 2 duo E7500
and i have a Kingston 99U5429-007.A00LF 2GB RAM
OS, windows 8.1 32-bit

my friend gave me a 2gb ram,, don't know what is the brand,,
but it has labels of:

2GB800 UL 1288 003NJC47R and 0315R10207,,

i can't find this one in the internet.. :D

i was wondering if it is possible to add another 2gb ram of different model, brand,, will it be possible ,,,
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  1. if it's the same kind of ram/speed-voltage/timings, probably. even if the timings weren't the same it still might work without problems.only one way to know for sure.

    what you can do is pull what you have, insert the donor ram and see how that goes. if all is good you can then shut down and install your original. see how it goes.
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    It is possible. But if it will work noone can tell before you try.
    In terms of compatibility it's ofc best to exactly match new ram with old (even same models can be different if manufactured at different time).

    To have best match you should have all these exactly same (order of importance may vary but it should be +- this)
    1. Size of ram
    2. Frequency
    3. Voltage
    4. Timing
    5. Brand
    6. Exact manufacture date / batch match.

    Ram you wrote should be
    Zeppelin 2GB DDR2 800 1288 UL with CL5 1.8V
    You can put that name to google and check images if it match with ram you have.

    Ram you got is
    Kingston 2GB DDR2 800 with CL6 1.8V

    So you match atleast size, frequency and voltage. Timing should adjust automaticaly and well brand you can't change so as was mentioned you can only test it and see.
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