Are these parts compatible for gaming pc ? And what case do you recommend getting thats not too expensive?

Im new to pc gaming and im buying the parts for my rig. I think these parts all will work togheter but can someone give me a second opinion? My build is an
CPUIntel i7 4770
PSU:Antec Earth watts EA 650w
GPU:MSI N760-605/OC GeForce GTX 760
MotherboardMSI G43 Z87 Gaming
Cooler:Corsair H60 liquid cooler
HDD:WD black series WD10003F2EX 1TB
Memory: Gskill Ripjaws x sereis 8 gb (2x4)
and cd drive
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  1. It is all compatible, but what is the purpose of the build? I see a few things I would change.
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    You wont need the H60 cooler with the CPU, its a non K series so it wont overclock, the stock cooler will be enough. The rest of the system looks good and you wont have any compatibility issues. As for a case that is solely down to your personal preference, I prefer a case with transparent side window and top mount vents ect but that may not be good for you, I also like the larger case with a space behind the motherboard for cable management ect.
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