How do i overclock my cpu,gpu,graphic card, and ram?

I am looking to boost my performance in gaming by overclocking my cpu,gpu,graphic card, and ram, but i am not sure what is the safe way to overclock these
things. So here are my computer specs, if you need other information i will provide it.

Intel Pentium G640(Locked)
Code Name: Sandy Bridge
Max TDP: 65W
Package: Socket 1155 LGA
Specification: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU G640 @ 2.80Ghz
Ext. Family: 6
Model: A
Ext. Model : 2A
Stepping: 7
Revision: D2
Core VID: 1.176V


Manufacturer: ASUSTeK Computer Inc.
Model: ET2411_W8
Chipset: Intel, Sandy Bridge, Rev: 09
Southbridge: Intel, H61, Rev: B3

Mainboard BIOS:

Brand: ASUSTeK Computer Inc.
Version: 0501
Date: 08/29/2012


Type: DDR3
Channel# : Dual
Size: 4 GBytes

Memory Timings:

DRAM Frequency: 532.1 MHz
FSB: DRAM: 1:4
CAS# Latency (CL): 7.0 clocks
RAS# to CAS# Delay (tRCD): 7 clcks
Cycle Time (tRAS): 19 clocks
Command rate: 1T

Name: Intel HD Graphics 1000 (GT1)

Intel(R) HD Graphics
GPU Core Clock: 850.0 MHz
GPU Memory Clock: 533.3 MHz
GPU Temperature: 50 C
GPU Power: 0.3W
GPU Load: 3%

Model: ASUS All-in-one PC Series
64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor

Sorry for additional useless infomations

My goal is to max the possible performance without my computer flying everywhere. Thanks for taking the time to read all this :)
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  1. You're not going to achieve any of that.

    Considering it's an all-in-one, I doubt Asus put in a motherboard capable of overclocking anything.

    And, again, because it's an all-in-one, even if you can overclock the restricted space would make cooling a nightmare.
  2. Best answer
    CPU: Not possible, as it's locked, and you don't have/can't get aftermarket cooling for All-In Ones.
    RAM: Probably not worth the trouble.
    GPU: You can't do much with Intel HD Graphics of any kind.

    So in summary, you really won't be getting anywhere trying to overclock ANYTHING in this system. As ThatVietGuy said, cooling would be an awful ordeal.

    Sorry we couldn't help you further....
  3. Thx for helping
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