need help choosing a power supply for my new graphics card

Hello guys i have a question for you more experience in computers i recently put together my first computer but now it seem my power supply cant handle it i recently bought a evga gtx 760 supeclocked (i was running on-board graphics) and when ever i try to play a game it disconnects my internet i can do other stuff fine but it just disconnects when i try to play games as soon as i exit out of the game the internet comes back on under a minute I've read that maybe the power supply can cause this problem so i was wondering what would be a good power supply for my computer build i do have the drivers up to date

my system is
i5 4570 @ 3.2 GHz
evga 760 superclocked acx cooler edition
Motherboard Gigabyte B850-HD3
power supply XFX TS 550watt
250GB hard drive
4Gb of ramm

well hopefully you guys can help me out
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  1. There is nothing wrong with your power supply probably , Yeah It's better to have at least 650W PSU , But I think your problem is related with software.
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    Hi Musicmugen
    your evga gtx 760 supeclocked PSU Requirements are,

    Minimum of a 500 Watt power supply.
    (Minimum recommended power supply with +12 Volt current rating of 30 Amps.)

    Your XFX TS 550watt is enough to drive your card and system with 45A on the 12v rail
    and your CPU will draw 85W
    so you are just able to run what you have
    A 650W - 700W would be better and give you some headroom
    I Agree with FaqirKhan i don't believe your problem is power related as a lack of power should not result in internet disconection
    i would run an antivirus/malware scan and also check your running processes within the task manager and see if you can find out what is causing your issue.
    Running a good program to imrove overall stabillity and correct registry errors may also help such as
    iolo's system mechanic or avg's pc tuneup
  3. thanks guys it now disconnects more often so its gotta be something else then the power supply ill try your suggestions i really appreciate the help
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