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I have an alienware 18 and the dolts put the 1tb 5400rpm HDD for boot and Msata SSD 256gb for storage. I want to replace the boot HDD with an SSD obviously, but how do I go about doing that with putting a new OS on and everything? I assume I buy an SSD and an OS, windows 7, and then place the SSd inside and then insert the OS disc, and walla? Or no
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    Put an OS on the SSD, and then change the boot order to go for the SSD (The boot options are in the BIOS). Unfortunately, you'll need to reinstall all of your applications (make sure to take a backup of all your files, games, etc. first).

    You'll need an external HDD for temporary storage. Literally any file will be unreachable after reinstalling the OS, due to the paths to reach those files being nonexistant in the reinstalled OS.
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