Computer wont turn on but led fans flicker and twitch

I have been playing on my new computer for about a week now and decided to get more fans for better airflow. I went out and got two new led fans. After installing them and turning on computer only the case fan and cpu fan worked but the other fans did not work and there was no display on monitor. I tried to turn off computer but after 2 mins of holding down front button it wouldn't turn off. After minutes of me in my case trying to fix problem my skin hit the gpu fan and caused it to stop, thus making the whole system shut down and led fan light flicker. I fully turned off computer by switching off power supply.

When I turned power supply back on my led lights would flicker and twitch for a second then turn off, and seconds later repeat, as well with the hdd light regardless if system was actually on. When I press button to start up my system nothing happens. I took out the two led lights, but it does the same for case fan and cpu fan, they twitch and nothing turns on.
Please help. Did I overload my system and cause parts or mobo to fail? Or is everything alright and I need more powerful power supply?
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    Fans like that shouldn't cause an overload unless your gpu pushed the system over the threshold in the first place. But if unhooking the new fans still didn't allow system to boot I am not sure. If you bumped anything inside and shocked it with static then you may have a serious issue. I hope not for your sake, but I have seen it done and it's no good. Good luck and hope this helps.
  2. It turns out that during me installing fan I some how knocked the 24 pin connector uneven thus causing little power to power whole system.
  3. At least it wasn't fatal for the PC! Good job man!
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