RAM heat spreader question!

Hi, i'm building my first PC but I had some questions.. I currently have a Gigabyte mobo and Fx-6300 cpu

I want to order a Evo CPU cooler, but i'm not even sure if the RAM I want to order which is will fit with the cpu cooler because of the heat spreaders. Should I risk getting this ram?(I chose because of speed/timing/price).. or should I look for another brand/series of RAM?

My case is if that helps! Thanks in advance!
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    Hi tikigod317
    you will be fine , if worried
  2. haha thanks, i've been feverishly asking everywhere!.. and you helped me again :D
  3. you are most welcome , hope it all goes well for you , all the best
  4. Next time, you can find this information pretty easily. The DDR3 memory lists its height, and the cooler gives its details as well.

    Also, when you only install TWO sticks the CPU cooler usually the left-most slot is empty so a CPU cooler wouldn't reach the stick in the second slot from the left.
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