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This recently started happening my dayz just randomly started lookin really bad and awful the graphics were blurry as hell and the graphics on very high still looked really bad SPEC's amd phenom x4 black editon 8gb ram 1600Mhz SLI Gtx 550ti Thermaltake 600PSu please anyone is there a fix to this ??
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  1. In video settings, set the 3D resolution to match your game resolution.

    I remember having that too, took me a bit to figure out which setting fixed it. Is this the DayZ standalone or the mod for Arma 2? I'm not sure if the setting interfaces are different.
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    Are you using 3D?

    Also, I had an issue once where NVidia had Stereoscopic mode forced on when I didn't want it.
  3. i got it fixed guys but thanx for the awsome support ! :)
  4. best to check your Resolution, mine for some reason went to Atari 2600 look and not ZOMG no pixels look
  5. GoldenApple said:
    i got it fixed guys but thanx for the awsome support ! :)
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