Upgrading a new graphics card to a "old" pc?

So im buying a new graphics card for a pc that has a intel core 2 quad q9400 @ 2.66ghz overclocking it to 3.00 or 3.20 ghz. I overclock because im afraid that a new graphics card would bottleneck BUT if i buy a amd radeon r9 270 or 270x would it bottleneck if i overclocked it to 3.00ghz or 3.20ghz? AND don't say that i should get a new pc im getting one but im maxing this pc so if the new one breaks i can use this one.

Motherboard: ASUS P5Q PRO TURBO (LGA 775)
Cpu: Intel core 2 quad q9400
Ram: 4gb of ddr2 @ 800mhz upgrading to 8gb @ 800mhz
Graphics card: ati radeon hd 5850

Note: 1 i got to stop doing different posts when im going to ask something but i don't now how to go to old posts. THANKS
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  1. I dont think it will bottle neck you so I would go for the 270 or a 750ti
  2. Quick answer:
    I recommend this R9-270X:

    Long answer:

    CPU bottlenecking:
    This varies a lot depending on the game. Some games can even switch from a GPU to a CPU bottleneck when playing (such as Starcraft 2 when battles get demanding).

    So while it's CERTAIN you would have CPU bottlenecking in some games I wouldn't worry about it. If you were buying a GTX780Ti I'd be recommending a cheaper card though.

    Here's a Summary Benchmark:

    Your average performance will be slightly lower due to some CPU bottlenecking but use this chart as a guide.
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    i don't think you should buy anything. you'll be severely cpu bound...even clocked to there instances where you are now whether you realize it or not. .... you will see no gain from the 5850 with that cpu.

    invest in your new toy.......... that 120m SSD you were going to get, get a 240/250 instead. matter of fact, the bigger ones are only a little over 200 bucks if you shop right.
  4. Here in finland* an 250gb ssd with 550mb write and 500mb read is 150€ and about 170$ so yeah cheap prices
    (*yes im from finland lol)
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