A good graphics card,PSU and cabinet under INR 12k

My other configurations are
I5 4440- Rs 12,900
Intel DH87Rl - Rs 8000
Zion 4gb ram - Rs 2500
Seagate 500gb hdd - Rs 3400
DVD rw lg - Rs 1200

My budget is little tight so I want everything max under INR 40,000
So please suggest me a good graphics card ,psu and a cabinet

What about this card 1 gb ddr5

Sapphire AMD/ATI Radeon R7 240 with Boost 1 GB DDR5 Graphics Card
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  1. Gigabyte R9 280 Windforce 3X REV 2.0 (only rev 2.0, not 1.0) - Don't know if too expensive.

    Corsair RM 650, less if needs to be.

    Case; a personal choice really, get what suite you best, your going to see it almost every day!

    This is from 12,000 INR.
  2. that card is also a great option, obviously far worse then R9 280 but for the price, a great option. Features Fast DDR5 memory, much better then any DDR3 card.

    Solid choice, certainly recommend it for a budget GPU.
  3. Will a cheap cabinet and psu work with it
  4. Best answer
    Graphics Card→ ZOTAC NVIDIA GTX 750 1 GB DDR5 Graphics Card@9699(Quite better than r7 240)

    PSU→ Seasonic SS400BT PSU@ 2475

    Case→ Antec CSK 3000 Cabinet@1590

    Total= 13764

    To get things in budget you can get a cheap Cabinet for 700-1000 from local store.

    But don't get a too weak GPU with i5(like r7 240). You can get core i3 + better graphics card(Ex:- R9 270) if you are looking for gaming build since latter build will give better performance
  5. Vsaurav_97 said:
    Will a cheap cabinet and psu work with it

    A cheap PSU will defiantly work with it (it draws next to nothing), and a cabinet if the right size, won't make a difference.
  6. get the fx 8350 instead. it is not as good as the i5 but it won't dissapoint you either. this cpu is perfect for the budget.
    Onto the gpu, i would get the r9 280 with the fx 8350 and a thermaltake suprano case
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